Welcome to Get Barked

At Get Barked we offer a wide range of Pet Services from Dog Walking, Pet Photography &  Pet Taxi. We  have a large selection of options available to suit everyone's needs, our Dog Walkers are fully Insured and have a Police clearance.

Our Dog Walkers will come to your home to pick up your fur baby and they will make sure there is fresh clean water and a locked gate or door behind them once leaving, you can choose from roughly what time you would like them to walk your pooch. Depending on the weather we will either come over and spend time with your dog or leave it for another day depending what you would rather us do.

Get Barked has its very own Pet Taxi located in Baldivis and is available 24/7 for bookings. We can do anything from breeder pick up, vet visit's, airport pick up's/drop off's and even pick up deceased or injured pets. 

Please feel free to call or email for booking enquirers.